"The Hunt"

The man was in a hurry. The moon was rising, and hiding in the shadows was becoming more and more difficult. The man looked at the sky with hope. But Orion's infrared eye continued to gaze upon the Earth. How could one see in this spectrum without special equipment? This question had already crossed his mind many times, ever since the day Orion first marked him as his prey. At first, he thought he was going crazy. But now he knew that this gift was bestowed upon all those whom Orion marks as his prey. This, as well as the inability to sleep and stay under a roof during the nights of the hunt.

The man took a few more steps and stopped at the edge of darkness. What happened to people who were caught by Orion? He didn't know. Nobody knew. They simply vanished into the night, leaving no trace. Those who managed to hide and survive half a year while Orion hunted got six months of peace. And then the hunt began again.

The man sighed sadly. He wasn't ready to be prey. But how to fight something capable of killing any creature on Earth, and possibly on any other planet? According to the legends, this only happened once, when a giant scorpion, sent by the goddess, killed Orion with its venom.

This is where the man tried to find a glimmer of hope. In this natural arch, carved by the wind and time, called "Turret Arch". If he could discover and use the same "venom" (or whatever it was) that killed Orion in the past, maybe he would stand a chance of survival. Gathering all his will together, the man braced himself to take a step...

"Broken Doll"

photograph taken at the biblical location of Hor HaHar, Israel. This locale is rich in history, often cited in the Bible as the place where Aaron, the brother of Moses, died here.

The foreground captivates the viewer with a field populated by unique bulbusim formations. These round stones, peculiar in their shape and structure, have fascinated geologists. The theory is that they were formed in an ancient seabed, sculpted by a high concentration of organic matter in an environment of low oxygen. In this extraordinary collection of natural artifacts, a group of stones shape strikingly resembling a broken doll that appears to have stumbled, fallen, and shattered mid-run, adding a layer of surreal intrigue to the scene.

In the background, the silhouette of Hor HaHar, stretches its silhouette into the backdrop. Above, star trails etch perfect circles in the inky sky, their celestial dance creating a spectacle against the silent night. Their vivid movements capture the timelessness of the cosmos, contrasting beautifully with the earthbound formations below. The entire scene is bathed in soft, ethereal moonlight that enhances the contrasts and depths of the landscape.

"Star Zen"

At first, he arrived in broad daylight when the sun was still high. He looked up at the bright sky and asked "where, where can I find it?" "You won't find it anywhere" replied the sun. Its light was so bright, it seemed indifferent. The answer was like a punch, but he took it and, discouraged, left.

In the evening he returned. The sun hovered at the horizon. He asked a new question, "How, how can I find it?" "You cannot find it in any way" the wind answered, his voice as dry and cold as the evening air. This answer struck him deeper than the last, and he left once again.

But at night he returned. It was dark, and the stars only just breaking out. No longer seeking answers from the world around him, he just sat down on the rocks. He closed his eyes. He inhaled in the silence, saturated with the chill of the night, exhaled all his worries and doubts. Again. And again. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

When he opened his eyes, bright stars sparkled above him like precious gems. He realized that he had been wrong. There was no need to search; it had always been here. In his heart, which now beat calmly and confidently. The answer had been right before his eyes all along. But he had been blind, seeking in the outer world what was truly within him.

He smiled at the night, at the stars, at his heart. Peace washed over him like a fresh breeze, he felt it in every cell of his body.

"I found it," he whispered, and the stars twinkled brighter in response.

"Dead Sea Minimalism pt.1"

"Dead Sea Minimalism pt.2"

"Scoop of Ice Cream"

In this photo taken at Riisitunturi National Park, the essence of Lapland is captured. The trees covered in snow, their branches bending under the weight of the soft, white snow, looking like ice cream scoops. Gentle, filtered sunlight lights up the scene, spreading a calm glow over the untouched landscape.
This picture offers a peek into the magical appeal of this Arctic region, where nature and tranquility coexist in harmony. The mesmerizing scenery and otherworldly atmosphere encourage the onlooker to admire the beauty of Lapland and the special charm that Riisitunturi National Park has to offer. Here, one can truly appreciate the wonders of the natural world and the serenity it brings.

"Crispy Tracks"

In the early hours at the atop of Kuntivaara, Finland, an unadorned, breathtaking winter scene is revealed. The forefront of the image is marked by a freshly fallen snow, disrupted only by the 'crispy tracks' of snowshoes. These tracks weave a tale of an unseen traveler's journey, etching a lively path of contrast through the untouched snow blanket.

Just beyond, a gathering of trees stands, their branches donned in heavy cloaks of snow, as if nature itself has curled up in its wintry attire.

While the sun remains hidden behind tlaplandred, and violet hues. These soft, vibrant colors wash over, adding a warm glow to the chilly scene.

"Fantasy Flow"

This photo captures an enchanting moment at Myllykoski Rapids, Finland.

As the blue hour of evening descends, the tranquil river takes center stage. Adorned by the unique spectacle of circular ice formations, the river flows gently. Its surface glistens under the dwindling light, offering a captivating scene. On either side, towering trees stand tall. Their silhouettes, stark and imposing, frame the river perfectly, creating a natural avenue that leads the eye through the image. Nestled comfortably on the river's coast is a small hut. Its presence adds a touch of human warmth to the otherwise wild landscape, creating a sense of harmony between nature and human life.

Above it all, the growing moon looms, adding the final touch to this mesmerizing snapshot of Finnish nature during the blue hour.

"Aurora Dreams"

This photo was taken at the top of Olostunturi mountain peak. I was amazed by the beautiful sights around me. The cold air was clear, with trees covered in a thick layer of snow, standing strong in the icy ground. I couldn't help but feel impressed by the strength of nature.

Above me, the sky was filled with the beautiful colors of the Northern lights, their sky dance making me feel a sense of wonder. The magnificent Milky Way was also visible, adding an extra layer of enchantment to the scene. A layer of low fog, which, when lit up by the soft moonlight, made me feel like I was floating above the clouds.

"Whispers at the Night"

In the area of Myllykoski Rapids, an amazing view captures the eye. The night sky is filled with a dazzling aurora display that looks like a snake, reminding one of the Death Eaters' sign from the Harry Potter series. The twisting and turning lights create an enchanting and mysterious atmosphere that is hard to forget.

A small hunter's house with a light on seems cozy and inviting. The house stands like a beacon of warmth in the otherwise cool night. The sound of a crackling fire can be heard behind the house, adding another layer of excitement and intrigue to the scene.

The combination of the magical night sky with the aurora lights and the comforting glow of the hunter's house creates a feeling of wonder and adventure. The stillness of the night is broken only by the gentle sound of the rapids nearby, further enhancing the serene atmosphere.

"Night Watch"

I was initially waiting for the northern lights to make an appearance. However, I caught star trails instead. It was a freezing -32°C night, but the stunning view made it worth the cold.

The snow-covered trees took on a human-like appearance, as if they were a group of people watching my every movement. With their branches reaching towards the star-filled sky, they seemed captivated by the celestial display just as much as I was. The star trails left bright streaks across the sky, making it feel like a living, breathing canvas.

When I went back to my car, I couldn't help but laugh. The best human invention at that moment wasn't something fancy, but the simple ass heater in my car.


This photo marks my first capture from Finland, showcasing a stunning frozen waterfall amidst a thick blanket of snow. It was challenging to capture from above because I usually take photos from a lower angle. The picture has mostly white and black colors, which is different from my usual colorful captures.

"Frozen Fantasy"

The trees in Riisitunturi Finland National Park are like no other. Their branches sag under the weight of the snow, unlike anything I've ever seen before. The frigid -20 Celsius air that chills me to the bone, but the beauty of the sunrise over the park is too mesmerizing to look away. The sun's golden glow illuminates the snow-covered trees, and a magnificent sunburst shines through their branches, creating a magical and captivating scene.

Nestled in the heart of the Finnish Lapland region lies the stunning Riisitunturi Finland National Park, a true gem of natural beauty. The park's snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes offer breathtaking views that are simply awe-inspiring. It's also a haven for various species of flora and fauna, making it the perfect place for nature enthusiasts to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and connect with the great outdoors.

"Storm Tale"

By weather forecasts, it should be a stormy night and I spent three hours waiting for just the right moment. I almost gave up, but I decided to stick it out a little longer and it paid off.

"Golden Salt"

My first work in 2023. New season officially opened for me

It was pleasure to meet new people. I feel sorry to Photoshop them out of the frame

"Dark Symphony"

The night is filled with the roar of Jalaboun waterfall, a symphony created by the waterfall's flow and the star trails overhead. The "Dark Symphony" showcases the raw power and beauty of the falls, as the star trails illuminate the scene. It is a mesmerizing display that reminds us that the combination of natural elements can create intense beauty, even in the darkest of places.


Emotions are like a kaleidoscope of colors, constantly shifting and blending together to create a unique and breathtaking spectrum of feelings. They can be as tranquil as a clear night sky, dotted with thousands of stars that radiate a sense of serenity and wonder. Or they can also be as fierce and powerful as a raging storm, unleashing a torrent of passion and intensity. Emotions are the very essence of humanity, a tapestry of experiences that shape our lives and make them worth living.

Sculpture "Heart of the Sea" by Moshe Zorea

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